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I'm a practicing dance leader: Every gig is practice, with moments of success and moments of chaos. Here are few moments i (and others) caught on camera.
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May 2017 @ Dawn Dance - Brattleboro, VT
"Lake City" by Becca & Beth Molaro (variation)
with Party of Three (Joe DePaolo, Lilly Pearlman, & Neil Pearlman)
walkthrough: 0330-0700 shift, penultimate dance, 1st time walking this sequence, sleep deprived

May 2017 @ Intown Portland, ME
"To Turn a Phrase" by Bob Isaacs (variation)
with Volution (Adams Kornblum, Helen Newell, Nolan Rodgers)
end of no-walk final contra - one take on Very Mixed Crowd, the gender-free and newbie-friendly kind

March 2017 @ Flagstaff, AZ
"Back of the Envelope" by Dugan Murphy
"Whynot Swing Your Partner," Jonathan Sivier & Roger Whynot
with Updraft (Judy Francis, Elena Martin, Mary Anne Mcleod, Mike Reddig)
end of a contra, walkthrough, Sicilian circle - a Very Mixed Crowd of folk from eight to eighty

October 2015 @ MFS Fall Ball - Peterborough, NH
"Tempus Fugit" by David Smukler
with The Stringrays (Matt Kenney, Max Newman, Rodney Miller, Stuart Kenney)
that time when you call an odd formation for the first time and stumble

May 2013 @ Catapult Festival - Atlanta, GA
"Rollaway Sue" by Bob Isaacs
with Steam! (Alice Boyle, Claire Zucker, David Firestine, Robert Rosenberg)
the Friday night slot of a national festival, with left-hand chains and wowees